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EP Application
Event planner Template
In game name:Fudg
For what server are u applyingTongueixel Clone Wars
Discord name: Fudg

Why do u want to be a event planner?(200words)i want to be an event planner cuz i think i would be a good one i did see a couple events that are not planned well so i think i would do a better job i will try my best to do the events as good as possible.and i would love to be an event planner as well there is many usefull things that come with the Job.(i dont know if that was 200 words but i am pretty sure i explained as much stuff as possible)

Have you ever been  a event planner before  if so on what server? no but i will try my best to be the best one

Can you listen and work well with others at stressful events?yes i can

Can you be creative and plan ahead for big events and have multiple possibilities of how it could go? yes i can

Can you listen to higher ups?  yes i can

Tell us about yourself.(300words)my name is Fudg i Am 16 i like to build in gmod i have more then 100hrs on gmod i am very active on the server and that is pretty much it i am sorry for not puting 300words but its not very usefull to know a lot of stuff about me


U do not warn people only if they fuck over or do things in an event they are not allowed to

U do not kick: ok 

U do not do staff work:understandable

Ur allowed to whitelist to jobs:nice

ULX examples
How does !model work?:u can use it by putting !model "name" "model code" and it models the person

How does !hp work?it works by putting !hp "name" "amount" it sets the certain persons hp

Can u give 2 more used commands by event planners and how they work?!menu which u can see all commands there including to change the map and !bring which u can use to bring certain ppl to ur location

U put event ships around the map (not of your faction) and troopers Go in them and fly around With out any perms what do u do? i tell them to stop if they keep doing i would avoid spawning ships close to that guy

U planned out an event and claimed a Date But then some one else Is hosting an event when u claimed and planned on that time:i tell him nicely to not do it and im pretty sure he would stop doing it

Give a event example: there is a regiment in trouble on a planetary so what i would do is i would change my name to it and say that we need help and set up a hyperspace to it and put a LAAT to take the troops to the planet before that i would say to go to the DB and i would explain whats going on so when we would get there they could possibly be dead op alive so then after analises there would be drones that would attack the troops and i would use the addon that GA Demon added witch is to control the drones so then after that they could go back to the venator and report to senate what happend

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