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Event Planner Demotion
Your Steam name: [PG] Dray

Your in game name: 212th CPL 2323 Crys

Which staff member are you reporting?: Gree / Alex

Their staff rank?: Event Planner

Why should they be punished?: Their events are good (Which isn't a main reason I would just like to bring it up). Most of his events logically make no sense and he always over reacts when someone calls him out on it. Recently on 14/07/18 UK at about 13:30, he made an event where infected individuals came onto the ship, that was all fine until the Zombies came. In the MHB, he literally Spammed Zombies even after the ship they came in was Destroyed, and we're talking a N-Class which couldn't hold the amount he spawned in, then he spawned in Antlion Guards who literally make no sense! He said that the virus was airborne (Even though we have sealed helmets) and it somehow infected animals that aren't even on the ship? And all this was happening while MHB doors were open in the Vacuum of space where the Zombies can't breath. This is just one example of many and I just don't think he should be an E-Planner Anymore. He's also abused on many occasions picking up random people and teleporting people randomly too.

Have you reported this to another staff member?: Yes, I reported it to Aurelius who agrees with me. And Yeet knows.

Any evidence (Screenshots, Witnesses)?: No Screenshots but I have witnesses. Cody (The whole of 212th) Aurelius, Barlex, Domino, Thorn and many more, also the people who were on the Planetary to Kamino when he shouted and disrespected GearShift after he disrespected him and Gree's words were worse than GearShift's.
-Dray, If Duty Calls, He'll Be There! Probably...
+1 Gree is immature, disrespectful and abusive overall he shouldn't be a event planner.
Hello thanks for the report, I will look into this and make sure I will train him up. Thank you for your time
Due to the large amount of reports that have been made, I'm going to be training him once I'm back, I've gave him a structure for his events and will be talking to him about it, if he doesn't sort it out I may demote him.
Head EP/ Grand Admiral Trex

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