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SWRP suggestion Made by martinpol
After playing on the server for some time know i got some sugestions that maby will improve it 

1.NPC tool: Great tool for events can spawn with specific models you can couse an spawner for landing events just an great tool to use

2.Voice ampfilater:An tool that can be used to communicate with the hole ship or set youre voice to the requred distence

3.Clear rules for event planner: I have seen multipule times were the events are so shitty couse of fks they are changing map right when we have got no information of on relly think they need some clear rules like YOU CANNOT TP WHEN NOT DOING EVENT (No offence ruski but thats what i think)

Thanks for reading my suggestions hope you will read and consider it
Thanks, for these suggestions. We'll discuss them later Smile
Tom.bat, Owner/Founder of PIXEL Community

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