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Faxaray's (Four's) Staff App
[Before continuing to apply for staff, please make sure you are on our Discord AND have the Trusted Role]


Steam Name:

RP Name:
1442 Four

Discord Name:

Steam ID:

Server Rank:

    T-Mod App ONLY

Warns/Bans If Any:

Age [15+]:
17 years of age.

Gmod Playtime [200+]:
About 900 hours.

Server Playtime [24+]:
About 14 hours. I know this is not the 24h+ that you request, but I saw the announcement on Discord, and decided to give it a shot.

Have you been Staff on any servers before? [if so where]:
I used to be staff on a lot of servers, before I stopped playing for a while. I have forgotten the name of pretty much all of them. Though I was Superadmin on a server, keeping it alive for 4 weeks alone, until they shut it down (was an Imperial RP server), as well as Head Of Staff on an Unturned server. I am currently mod on a few Discord servers, though that doesn't count for much.

Do you Have a Mic?:
Indeed I do.

Give us some reasons about why you should be staff [3 reasons minimum]:
I should be staff, because I am competent, loyal, trustworthy, and experienced.

I can be a jokester about things, and mess around, but never seriously abuse my powers. Definitely not when there are people around, or on the server.

I can (most of the time) tell the truth from the lie, and decide which story is correct, if there are given more sides of one story.

[b]I also speak a couple different languages, helping me communicate with some of the people on the server, that don't speak English that well.[/b]

Tell us a bit about yourself [100 words minimum]:
Well, first off. I'm a kid from Denmark, currently 17 years old, living in my parents basement, in a tiny room besides my brothers. I don't have a great PC or anything, but it does get the job done (kinda).

At the moment, I'm in college. I have 3 part time jobs, to be able to pay them bills, as well as I'm a volunteer to a few things. 1 being an animal rescuer, seen as I don't have a drivers license, and can't help out in the fire department and such.

I also help out a few schools with some programs that they are running, which is basically like classes outside of school and is basically like a survival class. Or a scout troop thing. This gives me the experience of a "scout leader" I guess you can call it. You could just put it as I have experience as a leader, and that I have discipline, and I can pass that discipline on to others, in whatever way they need it.

  Staff Knowledge:

Do you Know how to use [if yes explain how to use it and give examples]:

ULX [3 examples minimum]:
ULX: An "addon" or "program, that helps out the staff on various different G-Mod servers. It can be used as a way to execute commands in an easier way, just by using "!" or binding it to a key by using "ULX". For an example, of you wish to target 1 specific person, with let's say, hp, you do "!hp <players name> <amount of hp you want them to have>", or you can use "@" to target the person you're looking at. I believe you can also do "*" to target everyone on the server.

The commands include: !noclip, !jail, !bring, !goto, !ban, !kick, !mute, !armor, !hp, !cloak, !freeze, !god, !jailtp, !slay, !sslay, !strip, and alot more. 

Warn [GExtension]:
GExtension is much like ULX, but including a few other things, such as a warning system.

The warning system can be set up so that you can use it as a ULX command (!warn).

If you wish to warn someone you do "!warn <players name> <reason>" and when a person exceeds X amount of warns, they will get kicked/banned according to what the command has been set to.

pLogs, short for Player Logs, is a way to see the logs of a player, aka a way to see what they have been doing on the server (commands they have executed, messages they have sent, people they have shot) and it also shows the timestamps. This is great for sits, as you can see exactly what they have done, and it will help you determine if they are lying or not.

bWhitelist, is a whitelisting system. It allows you to whitelist people to certain jobs. Without a whitelist to a specific job, you cannot change into that job, unless you have admin priviliges.

Admin Popups
Admin Popups, is an easy way to notice when someone is in need of a staff member. It can also help to know if a situation has been taken by another staff member already. 

Situation Questions:

[100 words minimum, or give 2 solutions for ALL questions]

Someone jumped out of a planet on the server, what would you do?:
I would find a quiet spot (somewhere nobody is) and bring him, depending on how they react, I will freeze or jail them. I will ask them for a reason to do what they have done, and depending on their answer, I will warn them using "!warn" or maybe just a verbal warning. Dependingon on how many times they have done it as well.

Someone spams admin chat on the server when you're Busy, what would you do?:
If I am alone, I well kindly PM them asking them to stop, and wait for me to be free. If it is a serious matter, I will go to them, and try to fix their problem as fast as possible. This depending on my current situation as well. If I am dealing with an RDM'er already, I will jail them, and go to the other person. If I am just answering questions, I will ask the current person to wait for me, while I question the other guy spamming. Depending on the situation with the spammer I'll either give them a verbal warning, or warn them using "!warn". 

If there are other staff members on, I will ask them to take it, depending on theirs and my own situation. 

Someone claims to have a high jedi rank, what would you do?:
I would question them about the rank, which it is, what character it is, if it's from the lore. I will then contact a higher ranking staff member, such as the owner, or someone who can check purchase history. Or someone who can confirm that they had the rank. I will then proceed to check their warns, and see if there is anything in there that would have lost them their rank.

Someone joins the Server but doesn't know the rules, what would you do?:
Depending on how busy I am, I would explain the rules to them, or just give them a link to the rules, or maybe even ask someone else to explain them the rules while training them.

A player randomly starts an event, what would you do?:
Depending on the player, I would bring them and question them about it. Depending on the situation, I would either warn them, or maybe even kick them. If it's an event when there isn't a lot of people, and all it is, is a little PvP, I don't see a problem, and let them continue. When I say "isn't a lot of people" I mean about 3-7 and everyone has agreed to do it.

Someone joins the Server but Starts Minging/Trolling on the Server, what would you do?:
I will bring them and question them. depending on how they respond, I will warn/kick/ban them.

Someone on the staff team starts abusing their Power, what would you do?:
Depending on who it is. If it's the owner there isn't much to do about it. Though if it is anyone else, I will get proof of it, then proceed to question them what they are doing, and why. Depending on how they act, I take my proof and contact someone who is of higher staff rank.


I do notice, some of these answers are short, but I have tried to keep it as simple as possible.
As well as the reason for me using this type of text, is to make it easier for you to read, and the red questions is so it's easier to know where you are in the text.

Now, thank you for taking the time to read, and have a nice morning/afternoon/evening/night.

-Faxaray aka Four
+1 for the info that you used in the apply.

I saw him playing on the server a couple days now, seems a mature person.

Only thing is your Hours, but that's to Dog to decide.

[Image: 7ejotf5.png?1]
+1 You are a nice person and have a nice application and have seen you playing on the server quite a lot and hope you get it.

Good Luck.
you are nice you will help out a lot and you are friendly
+1 Great Application.
Wouldnt have done it better myself!

I believe you will be accepted!

Due to your inactivity I decided to deny this Application.
You are to busy with other things at the moment and that is understandable.

You can apply again when you think you will be active!

[Image: 7ejotf5.png?1]

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