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Clone Wars RP Rules
By playing on our Clone Wars RP server, you agree that you will follow these rules.
If you have any questions about rules, speak to a staff member in-game or send us a ticket here.

Key terms

Random Death Match (RDM) - This is means attacking/killing someone in roleplay without a valid reason to do so.

Random Arrest (RDA) - This means arresting someone in roleplay without a valid reason.

Out Of Character (OOC) - This means any conversations outside of roleplay, mainly using OOC chat in game by doing "//" for global OOC or "///" for local OOC. Out of roleplay should not affect what happens within roleplay.

Meta gaming - This is using out of character communication/information to change what you do in roleplay. This would be using out of character information to give you an advantage. 

General Rules

1.1 - Staff word is final. If you disagree with a staff members judgement, report it on the forums.   
1.2 - No racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive language. This rule applies to both in game and out of character chat.
1.3 - Do not Meta Game. 
1.4 - Do not RDM another player. You can only kill other players without reason when they are an enemy.
1.5 - Do not randomly fire weapons.
1.6 - Do not advertise anything without permission from senior staff.
1.7 - Using Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits to give yourself an advantage is not allowed. This can result with a ban, minimum time being a week.
1.8 - FailRP is not allowed. All situations should be handled the same way your character in game would.
1.9 - Mass breaking server rules with no intention of roleplaying will result in a permanent ban.
1.10 - Serious roleplay is always in effect unless prior stated by a staff member.
1.11 - Under no circumstance are you to impersonate another staff member, this applies to everyone staff or not.
1.12 - No voice changers, this also applies for Discord.
1.13 - Trolling is not acceptable and may result in a permanent ban depending on the severity.
1.14 - Excessive use of caps in OOC is a warnable offense.

1.15 - Do not mic spam.
1.16 - Do not abuse any sort loophole in any of these rules, doing so will result in punishment depending on how severe it is. If you do find any loopholes please report them to either the Head Of Staff or Owner.

Roleplay Rules

2.1 - You must always listen to the highest ranking officer present, staying on task of their orders, unless you have an RP reason to disobey orders, eg: being ordered to by an event host. 
2.2 - Do not use comms for out of roleplay matters, comms used for communication between characters.
2.3 - Use /me to describe the actions your character is doing. 
2.4 - Jetpacks may not be used outside of the ship without permission for event planners or senior staff. 
2.5 - You must have permission from staff to turn rogue. 
2.6 - If Jedi/RMT are fighting an enemy, do not engage. 
2.7 - Do not shoot another clone trooper unless they have gone rogue. 
2.8 - Do not attempt to break someone out of, nor break out of, cuffs without a valid RP reason. 
2.9 - Promotions must be handled in-character and on the server.   
2.10 - Do not drop your weapons to give them to other players.
2.11 - The grapple hook may not be used to grapple ships.

Regiment & Character Rules

3.1 - Regiment rules can only change with the Commander or General's permission.  
3.2 - Regiment changes must be coordinated with your Executive officer or Commanding officer. 
3.3 - Regiments may only hold tryouts with Fleet permission. 
3.4 - Regiments must request permission to deploy heavy weaponry, eg: tanks or speeders. 
3.5 - Ships may only be spawned within the hangar bays.
3.6 - Arrests may only be up to ten minutes upon entry to the brig. 
3.7 - You can only use your taser on other players if you have a valid reason to.
3.8 - When arresting cadets take them to the cadet/training room but not the brig.
3.9 - The Grapple hook should not be used outside the ship without permission from event planners or senior staff.

Jedi & RMT rules

4.1 - The leap may not be used outside of events/trainings without permission. 
4.2 - Jedi may not use Sith force powers. 
4.3 - Your light-saber must remain sheathed unless in combat or in a training. 
4.4 - Light sabers may only be green, blue or yellow unless stated by a Jedi General and may not have a dark inner-blade. 
4.5 - Light sabers may be no more than 46 in length and 2 in width. 
4.6 - Force heal may not be used to heal above allocated health or while in combat.
4.7 - Sith hilts, colours or sounds may not be used

Neutral Rules

5.1 - Elite characters must still be commanded by the Republic. 
5.2 - Neutral roles cannot work with enemies unless told so by event planners or senior staff. 
5.3 - All neutral jobs work under the orders of Fleet.

Event Rules

6.1 - Do not use the taser during events unless you are arresting another player for a valid reason. 
6.2 - Always listen to the event briefing before the event starts.

Staff Rules

8.1 - Do not add yourself to roles without a valid reason to do so, adding yourself to a donator job will result in a demotion.
8.2 - As a member of staff you are expected to act in a mature manner and not misbehave - you are a role model to the players. 
8.3 - Do not abuse the whitelist system to add friends to regiments. 
8.4 - Do not abuse any commands such as jail or freeze other staff members.

8.5 - You may only use a physgun to remove players from RP situations when they are either RDMing or mass rule breaking, instead teleport them to an area out of roleplay.
8.6 - Becoming staff on any server other than ours will result in a demotion.
Tom.bat, Owner/Founder of PIXEL Community

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