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1 week ban appeal
Steam Name: Dr. Ofori 


In Game Name: GM CPL 0001 Ofori 

Who banned you?: Hawk/tache17

Why were you banned?: "staff baiting" 

Witnesses: logs

Duration: 1 week

What happened was that I was arrested for speaking out of pts and nipo or someone with a name like that came and said I was fail rping and was being a minge by talking out of character which doesn't make sense and I told him I wasn't and the person who arrested me even said that I wasn't but he ignored it. He took my handcuffs off and called me a fucking minge and I replied with "no you're a minge" and he banned me. I believe I should not be banned for a week as it is unfair that he can abuse me but ban me when I call him a minge.
I'm going to speak to Hawk about this and find out what was meant by "Staff Baiting".

This appeal is pending until further notice, and closed until investigation ends.
Fuck you! 

Love from Appo  Heart

[Image: 76561198146701262.png]

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