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Explanation of Everything
 You enforced rules:
I didn’t enforce rules I tried to came up with an solution for both sides. The thing I saw was that a Jedi was doing Damage with his Saber to troopers at the Main bridge when Fleet was talking to the troopers. So the 5th Fleet arrested them. And since that’s failRP I came up with the Idea that CG 5th Fleet or no-one else below Battalion General or Grand Admiral can “ask” something from the Fleet. Such as “would be nice if Fleet could help at Deck 2”So they can’t arrest them or tell them to go away , no-one can. Next to that I came with the solution that the Jedi can’t come to the Bridges without having a valuable reason. Bcs Fleet is busy aswell and it gets crowded there. When they’re assigned to their regiments and the regiments needs to be at the Bridges ofcourse they can get in,  I gave them all the info they needed and it was solved.

You Screamed at a staff:
I didn’t insult him in any way I just cleared what he did wrong and yes I screamed for 1 reason, and that’s bcs he could’ve ask me nicely and not tell me to shut up and not to be salty (going about zed).
After this I got instant demotion back to MOD without abusing anything as a staff.

You didn’t listen:
I listened to everything he said and tried to reply at it but I got gagged 2 times when I tried to tell my story by zed. I tried to reply after he was done with talking but I was still gagged.

We asked you several times in chat to stop:
That’s the only thing I did wrong and yes I didn’t see it since I was RPing and being captured as an Event character. So this is the thing I did wrong and it’s my own mistake and I get it
But after Zed said try to use it less in the voice amplifier , I only said 1 thing and that was “All Units Report in” and stopped afterwards. But he Tp’ed to me and told me to shut up and that I don’t have to be salty.

I was told by appo :

Appo - Today at 12:02 AM

This could've been resolved easily if you hadn't left the community
Cause now you're not part of Pixel, I can't resolve the sit

TempZzy - Today at 12:02 AM
I haven't left the communty I was thinking of leaving the community
I will still play on the server

Appo - Today at 12:03 AM
You're not in the discord
TempZzy - Today at 12:03 AM
I am?
Appo - Today at 12:03 AM
I can't see you?
TempZzy - Today at 12:03 AM
Appo - Today at 12:03 AM
Oh yeah my bad

Nothing has been resolved.
Atleast I have been Nice and Positive against them

Our Ugandan - Yesterday at 11:05 PM

Well head of staff sr admin and staff advisor agreed on it demotion
And then u had a mardy
And denoted urself

TempZzy - Yesterday at 11:06 PM
I resigned like I said nothing is gonna change
I'm just showing you that I'm not only the immature person here
I still don't mind I got demoted, If I look back to it. I have more experience now than I had before and that's it.

Since I joined this server I've been trying to be positive and help around, When I try to ask a little bit of respect, I get taken down.
But it has nothing related to explain everything rn. So just do your thing and keep it up
Our Ugandan - Yesterday at 11:12 PM
*When I try to ask a little bit of respect, I get taken down.*
but if you come at us with disrespect we wont come back with respect

TempZzy - Yesterday at 11:13 PM
if I get disrespected, I'm not gonna shut my mouth for no reason

This is going about zed. He disrespected me and the only thing I did was explaining what he could’ve done better and what he’s not supposed to do when there is an event and  there are so many people next to me. Yes I did it with screaming and that’s the mistake I’ve done Like I said before.

Main Reason why I didn’t want to talk was I got Gagged twice, No-one listened to my story. what I could’ve done better was just staying and explaining but if someone is talking 5 minutes in his mic without even knowing he’s gagged for the 2nd time it made me frustrated and I felt disrespected. I already was demoted to MOD without any explanation at first, but it was bcs I used to Voice amplifier to much and screaming at zed because he disrespected me. next to this I have done some little mistakes yes but there is not 1 day that when I was active, I was not helping or doing my job as a Staff member or my RP job. I will not leave the community since I’ve put effort into this as well. I will be still on the server as GA since I didn't get “demoted” because I changed my Job to CT doesn't mean anything,  I saw there was enough Fleet at that moment so I thought I’m going to observe and see how they will do and lead. And experience it as an CT. No-one told me I can’t have it as a 2nd Job since so many Fleet have so many Jobs next to their Fleet job, or Battalion General Job.

My reason why I used the Voice Amplifier:
No-one Told me since the 1st day I was on the server that I can't use it. Yesterday I was told by multiple people to use it more often since I have it in my “Job” to let the Troopers Know Faster and that we are 100% sure that they know what to do or that they're informed about it
My staff application, I did everything as I said. I have been staff for a while and did my job as I said I will. I have never been warned for anything that I abused as a staff.

Give us some reasons about why you should be staff:

This answer is more Motivation related but,
I think for myself that if I was Staff I would try to give something back to the Community,
By being active, stopping people that cross the rules, But also help out people with their problems.
Next to that I could help with some suggestions and come with new idea's.
Mostly I can React Fast and Properly to Big and Small situations.

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Yes xd
Current Senior Admin (Super Admin)

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