Poll: Should Grenades be added to the server?
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Adding Grenades for Players
hEllo ladies and gentlemen (or gentlemen and ladies whatever you want i aint no sexist)

I'm writing/typing this or whatever just to give a suggestion on adding grenades on the server
However first im doing a poll on here to see if thats what people want

My plan is:
Almost everyone has at least one grenade, type depending on your regiment and/or rank on the server
not EVERYONE will be having grenades however, there will exceptions such as CT
Sorry i know it may sound unfair but someone who has just joined becomes a CT can do a fair amount of mining when grabbing hold of these things, if you are desperate to have a grenade id say join a regiment and then you'll have access to them.
Custom regiments should choose what grenades they will be given (three to choose from)
Fleet/Army MAY not have grenades for RP reasons, but im still not 100% sure of that rule yet.

But ye anyway please vote for the poll and well see if this motion should be carried
The particle effects are rather small (nothing like the effects from star wars vehicles explosions) so it shouldn't cause lag
Worse case scenario is that it lags and well remove them, end of

Note: This is NOT an official poll. Its just to give an idea of whether its what people are interested in. if the majority vote 'yes' theres still a chance it wont be happeneing

Cheers guys Big Grin
+1 It would be great that other people have too
+1, there are SW grenades mods and they work great. Would make a lot of sense for attack regiments and elite forces like GM, Shadow and Republic Commandos
Moving to Suggestions!
Fuck you! 

Love from Appo  Heart

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