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Staff app
Minecraft Name: MrPoopyButHole13
Discord Name and Discriminator (No. after #): MrSpoopy#4222

Server Rank: Member 

Rank you're applying for: Admin, but Helper if need-be

Bans/Kicks If Any: None what so ever

Age [13+]: 15

Server Playtime  [12+]: Around 3 hours.

Have you been Staff on any other servers before? [if so where]: I've been different roles between a lot of servers from Lowest to Highest. I've owned my own Minecraft Servers from 2 months up to a year and been staff on (old) servers such as Exodus and many more. I've in the past taken a break from Minecraft and just getting back into my groove.

Do you Have a Mic?: Yes I do have a microphone.

Give us some reasons about why you should be staff: I should be staff member because I am british so I can help keep an eye on the server when other different time zone staff are offline sleeping or doing their own thing. I am well experience with handling situations and knowing to record my evidence before taking action. I am also well familiar with most plugins (I know they're listed below but might as well add it).

Tell us a bit about yourself: My name is Dexter and I am currently the age of 15. I love to play many games such as Garry's mod, Minecraft and a few other games. If you wish to know more about me, feel free to ask me.

  Staff Knowledge:

Do you Know how to use [if yes explain how to use it and give examples]:

PEx: PEx is a permission based plugin basically saying this player cannot do /list and this player can do /help. I know most permission nodes such as essentials.god, worldedit.wand, and /pex user <username> group set <group>

CoreProtect: CoreProtect is a world protecting allowing block logging and rolling back any issues that may occur such as griefing or mishaps with TnT and others.

Essentials: Essentials is a core plugin to allow players to set their home, allow administrators to set Spawn and handle what happens and what entities spawn.

WorldEdit: WorldEdit is a world modification plugin to make quick edits or big edits.

Factions: Factions is a raiding or block protecting plugin to allow certain uses to use the terrain they claim.
I mean, I don't mean to be rude but I don't think they'll appreciate people who copy staff applications, but I can see we've 'apparently' met on the same server called Exodus and 'apparently' both have been staff members, yet I co-owned that server with a very good friend.
[Image: 76561198058569922.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
This application is very similar to redo your application with your own words.
Don't copy and paste other people's staff applications. I will personally not be accepting any of your applications if this shows how incompetent your skills are and how lazy you are.

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